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Canon Powershot A590 IS

Ok so I have been using this for almost a week now and I am yet to find a flaw.This camera is a beginner’s dream. After suffering for years from crappy pictures taken from camera phones and not having enough money to buy a decent camera, this small device is a heaven-sent.

After reading for a while and asking around, I went for a Canon point and shoot for my camera needs. I was very happy with its reviews as it was the best quality for its price class. The major flaws were its non-sleek design and the long recharge time of the flash.

A beginner that I was, I was allotting just 10-15 grand for a camera. Seeing that it costs 12k at the mall (including a 2gb SD Card) made me decide for sure to get this camera. It fits my budget quite nicely, I thought.

Now a friend really got me into online shopping after getting her own DSLR camera online. When I saw the price of a brand new a590 on Multiply and around online gadget stores, I was shocked. Its ranging from 8.5k – 11k at that time. But no one was was able to beat this store. A whopping 6,800Php for a brand new unit! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, almost half the mall price.

After contemplating for a while about online transactions, I decided that the offer was far too good to pass on so I got one delivered to my house. It unexpectedly came one Sunday morning (I was expecting it the following Monday since it was a weekend).

The package itself is stock as hell. Unit + manuals + cables + a crappy 32mb memory card + 2 pcs alkaline batteries. But nonetheless, still great a value for money.

I decided to upgrade and got myself 2 Eneloop batteries + Sanyo quick charger (1320 Php) and a 4gb memory card (380 Php). I had to pay 200 Php shipping fee + 50 Php bank deposit fee. Totalling my camera expenses to 8750 Php – still an excellent bargain vs 12k mall price (unit + 2gb memory only).

It is awesome. Auto and Easy modes are just precious. Took totally decent pictures. And as for the non-sleek design, I found out that its not a concern. It fits perfectly on your hand while taking a picture. I didn’t mind that it looked a little bulky. I’m glad I didn’t go with a Sony just for the sleek look.

Going into the manual modes… this should be fun.

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