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Hayden Kho Sex Video | Tips on Protecting Your Escapades

Another sad tale of how technology is misused or rather, mishandled.

From what I am hearing, Dr. Kho has a recorded collection of his “escapades.” The said collection was leaked and exposed to the public much to his and his partners’ dislike.

I do not judge them for recording the activities and I don’t think the public should too. What they do in their private time is none of our business as long as they don’t harm anyone. Filming yourselves doing the nasty harms no one as long as there is mutual consent and the video is not accessible to anyone who is not supposed to see it.

The epic blunder here: letting the video leak out to the general public. As if we have learned nothing from the past.

If you must video-tape yourselves doing something not everyone should see, please take some precautions:

Ensure that you have full and complete 100% trust in your partner who is going to video the activity.

As much as possible, do not put the resulting video on any mobile device like phones or flash drives.

If you must take it along with you everywhere, do not lend your phone to just anyone. It is quick and easy to transfer any file from one phone to another. It will help if it is password-protected.

This goes if you are going to save the file in a flash drive too. Do not lend the flash drive to just anyone. Password-protect the file if you must save it in your flash drive.

If your phone is broken and needs to be repaired, take out the memory card from the phone first or transfer all the contents to your computer for the meantime. Rumor has it that the Ethel Booba video leaked when Alex Crisano had his phone repaired in Greenhills. If the file is saved on the phone memory, you can watch the repair as it is happening. Monitor the technician’s activities for anything that looks like suspiscious file transfers. Ask the tech guy some questions if needed. If you are not allowed to watch the repair or if you are required to leave the unit at the shop for a few days or even overnight, you’re pretty much screwed. The last hope is that the technician does not find the file or he has ethics if he does. Good Luck.

If you will save it in your computer, still follow the tip above. Ensure that you know who is accessing your computer and what they are doing in it. Monitor the screen if possible. A lot of people are surprisingly fast with the mouse and keyboard and know where to look. It will only take a few moments to locate and transfer a particular file. If monitoring is not possible, better password-protect your precious file and hide it in a personal and innocently-named folder.

DO NOT save the files on a company computer. It is bad enough you have non-work related files saved on a company computer. Worse when the company IT team finds it.

If you are using P2P software like Limewire, ensure that the file is not save in your “Shared” folder. More information on P2P and Llimewire here. If you’re still confused, Google is your friend.

If your computer breaks down, pretty much follow the tips above. Ask the technician if he can give you your hard drive BEFORE the repair commences because you have some sensitive files saved. You can say these files are “work-related” to avoid suspiscion or curiosity. If the technician says he needs the hard drive, check if you can monitor the repair activity. If not, again you are pretty much screwed.

For any repairs, a trusted friend is always your first option.

It is better if you would burn the file in a CD or DVD and delete it on your computer so that you can physically keep the disc for added protection. Again, you can password-protect the file before burning it.

If you are giving anyone a copy, ensure that you trust that person completely.

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