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Mobile Phone History

It has been a long time since the cellphone fad started and it has not stopped since.

When we look back, we’ll see man’s unsatisfiable desire. Check your first mobile phone. Did you, at that time, ever thought you’ll get a phone that can do what your phone does now? But I bet you are still not satisfied with your current phone. I bet you still want the newer, better one right?

Back-track through the years and try to look back how high-tech Snake was on the Nokia 5110.

My phones:

starting 4th yr HS:
Nokia 5110
Nokia 3210
Nokia 3350
Nokia 3530
Nokia 3650
Nokia 3350 – temp
Nokia 3310 – salamat, Glen.
Motorola L7 – lost
Nokia 1208
Sony Ericsson P1i – (man this hurt!) – lost
Nokia 3110c – current phone

I can’t believe I never updated this. Well, here is an update;

LG KM555 – May 2010
Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro – Dec 2011

we’ve gone a long way…

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