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The New Apple iPhone – July 2009.

Rumors are circulating of a new Apple iPhone for release on July 2009.

It is rumored that it is going to house an OLED screen as opposed to the current LCD screen it has. This will hopefully fix the rather annoying battery life of the iPhone 3G (same problem with iPod Touch, but we are yet to see if the new iPod Touch will also get a new screen.) No AMOLED screens yet for Apple.

It is also said that it will have a rubber back surface and a glowing Apple logo like on Apple laptops.

More exciting news for Apple fanboys is that it is now going to have certain capabilities that a smart phone should have that the current iPhone does not – video recording and MMS support.

But with the OLED dispaly added alone (OLED screens are used in Nokia 8800 units thats why they are so expensive), we can expect that the new iPhone price will be soaring high.

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