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Cory Aquino to be Played by Charo Santos

MANILA – ABS-CBN President and Maalaala Mo Kaya (MMK) host Charo Santos-Concio is looking forward to peforming for a special episode of MMK, including the possibility of playing the role of former President Cory Aquino.

“Depende sa ano ‘yan, kung ika-cast tayo ng director, why not? Isang malaking karangalan na gampanan ko ang papel ni President Cory Aquino, magandang karangalan ‘yan,” Santos said.

Charo Santos , head of entertainment for ABSCBN, showed interest in playing the role of the former president on MMK. I think highly of our former president. She is after all, a former president. Its gonna be a major fail for someone like Charo Santos to play Cory. Simply put, I do not like Charo. She is responsible for the moronic TV programming we have on ABS-CBN every night.

What ever happened to quality programming? What happened to one-hour TV shows that air once a week? Shows where we can see real effort on each episode. Evening TV was a good way to move away and break free form daily monotony. After doing the same thing in school or at work all day, its more healthy, more flavorful to see something different every night on TV (like some 15 years ago, I think.) But no, Charo Santos had to cram all the melodramatic crap until the late news everyday .


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