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Former PA’s wife sues Richard Gutierrez | Reckless Imprudence Case

Lorayne Pardo is the wife of Richard’s former assistant who died in an unfortunate accident in Tagaytay. In the said accident, Richard was also seriously injured and spent several days in the hospital. Not forgetting the loved ones that his PA left, Richard offered to support the education of Pardo’s kids. He is even sending Pardo’s kid (5 years old) to school this year on top of promising to give Pardo’s monthly salary for the next three years.
After all this, the wife of the said PA Nomar Pardo filed a reckless imprudence case against Mr. Gutierrez for the death of her husband. She also refused to get any support from Richard and is allegedly demanding four million pesos (4 million Php) instead.
Lets look at the facts? (as reported):
  • They were in an accident prone area.
  • Richard himself was injured.
  • Richard offered to support Pardo’s family.

Oo walang katapat na presyo ang buhay ng isang tao at kahit anong i-offer ng artistang ito ay di na babalik si Nomar. Pero ano ba naman ang hinihingi ni Lorayne? Apat na milyon? Huwaw! Hangga’t magagatasan nga naman ang baka, gatasan mo. Tsk.

Bakit nga naman magsesettle sa college education at three year salary ng asawa niya e pede naman humungi ng apat na milyon??

I dont like artistas or the local showbiz industry for that matter but this is something I just had to write down.

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  1. wow! magbasa ka ng news at pansinin at pakinggan muna ang both sides. huli ka na sa balita dong.

  2. Nakakadis-appoint yung opinion mo. I guess hindi mo pa alam ang pakiramdam ng mawalan ng minamahal mo sa ganiton paraan. Ke motivated ng pera o hindi ang motives ng pamilya, THEY HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO DO SO. Yun na lang.