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Classic Reasons to Dislike Kris Aquino

It is no secret to everyone I know that I dislike Kris Aquino so much that I cannot stand seeing her on TV for more than five seconds. I have to change the channel or walk away.

I was fine with it as I know people have different preferences; you like her, I don’t, I like something, you don’t. Different strokes for different folks so they say. I don’t try to pick up arguments or word fights about her (at least I try not to) unless provoked.

But she has gone too far. TOO FAR.

I‘d like to point out and document, for the public to see, all her shortcomings so that she may live up to her heritage. I do believe that no one is perfect and all of us have our own share of mistakes. However, being a social figure of her stature, she must exercise responsibility for her actions and manners. She has simply gone too far. It is a wonder how two great national heroes produced such an abominable offspring.

Let’s start with the lightest things. The way she speak is very annoying as is. The elitistang-kolehiyala tone is very irritating and her pitch causes ear injuries. What more when she laughs. This is so annoying that late night comedy shows are spoofing it and making fun of it.

Going deeper, her conversational skills are also in need of much needed improvement. She should not be a host. Seriously. She speaks 80%-100% of the time and mostly talks about herself. I am no media expert but as far as I know, when a host interviews a guest, the guest should speak more than the host. Its just common sense. Kris has a way of turning interviews and hosting stints into her personal opinions segment – not good. When she hosted Game K N Ba? she had a very nasty habit of humiliating the contestants. She picked anything and everything from their fashion sense to their personal life.

Lifestyle. I am a firm believer of doing what makes you happy. Even if it means making unpopular decisions. As long as you are happy and you are not doing anything wrong, go for it. Kris has, however, taken this concept into a whole new level. Can you imagine the daughter of two national icons chasing after not only one, but two married? (committed) men. In the process tearing their homes, their families, the children’s futures and their overall view of what a family should be all for her personal satisfaction. Not being satisfied with the disgrace she has brought, she had STD. I do not know of any other local celebrity who has gone this bad.

Maybe somehow, amidst all these, she forgot that she is the daughter of a former president and a former well-respected senator. In my opinion, if she can’t live a less-than-acceptable lifestyle (take note, I am not looking for ideal), the least she can do is to stay away from the limelight. She has a social responsibility to live up to, she’s a social figure for God’s sakes!

The last topic I can add to this post is how she stole a promising life from a young basketball superstar. Yap is easily ten years younger than him. With her baggage, the best she could have done for the Purefoods baller is reject him early on. Instead she chose to give James Yap a miserable life by marrying him and giving him a retarted son (not to mention the her bastard son from the former mayor.)

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