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People should buy Legit Media even if Pirated Content is available

Watching tons of MJ-related stuff on TV and the internet kinda made me loose track of how it all began and what made him great – his music. I am a fan of his music. A great and gifted musician he is, no matter how screwed up he may be on other aspects of his life.

Afte Jacko’s death, his music sales explode again. I saw on TV that one of his albums went Platinum within just a few days after his death. This happening even with the torrent (pun intended) of pirated content available online and on the streets.

This brings me to my point – even with the abundance of pirated media available, tons of people still choose to buy the authentic merchandise. This is because they have a REASON to buy the original. I am not saying musicians should die for their music to sell. But they should offer something so that people will spend their hard-earned bucks on them. This shows that people will still spend money even if they can get an alternative for free.

With pirated content readily available on the streets and the itnernet, piracy seems to be mocking copyright holder’s efforts.

In today’s evolved situations, I don’t think the battle against piracy should be fought by forcing people to buy legit merchandise because it is the ONLY option. Copyright holders are tracking and seizing file sharing activities and distribution of protected content online. They are also exerting efforts agains the production and sales of bootleg discs. But if these efforts thought us anything within the last few years it is that IT DOESNT WORK. Piracy has grown in a linear if not an exponential manner since it started. Jailing a few people they catch is just not the way to do it.

The battle against piracy should be fought by making copyright holders give the buying masses enough reason to buy their product. I hate to think the people settle for cheap imitations because the originals offer nothing or very little more. But at times, this is the case.

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