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Down for everyone or just me? is down for everyone and not just me

Down for everyone or just me? ( is a popular website that checks if another website is down. For example, if you can’t access Yahoo, Google or YouTube, you can use this tool to see if there is something wrong with the website or if its just on your end. Ironically enough, when I tried […]

What Today’s Websites Should Be

At this day and age, everyone can build a website. But that doesn’t mean that they can do it well. In fact, a lot of them shouldn’t have bothered at all. I know I’m no web designer or graphic artist nor did I have any training in such. But I have spent a considerable amount […]

Filipina Soul Music Goddess – Kat Agarrado

Yet another gem in the Filipino Music scene. Kat Agarrado voices the Filipino Soul/Jazz group Sinosikat? which has spawned hits like Magic, Truning My Safety Off and So Blue. She is also an endorser for C2 singing the theme for the product “Best About C2 Life” Playful Katrina. from agarrado – vocalsStrong and independent […]