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A Few Things I Don’t Like About Batangas City

As I’ve said, I love this little city of ours but there are just a few things that makes me want to trade in this life for Metro living.

I may post a more detailed version of this because I don’t really feel like writing too much or thinking too much right now.

A few to list:

1. Cable TV. The cheapest Sky Cable package is 280php. While their HD Package costs 499php. That is High Definition already.Cable TV packages at this freaking town starts at 400php as far as I know.

2. Tricycle fare. Seriously, our tricycle fares can go as high as five times compared to other industrialized cities like Lipa. If you try to haggle with a tricycle driver they go like:

Jesus of Nazareth Hospital to SM Batangas-

Mamang driver: Magkano ga binabayad mo?
Me: Bente ho.
Mamang driver: Trenta na, utoy.
Me: Bente na lang ho.
Mamang driver: Sya! maglakad ka na laang utoy at malapit naman!

WTF! Mas matapang pa sya sa akin eh ako ang customer! Its not as if I was raising my voice.

3. Gasoline prices – I’m not really sure of the exact prices but I saw on TV Patrol Southern Tagalog that our provincial prices are more expensive than neighboring cities. Even more expensive than Metro Manila Prices.

4. Rural peace and security.


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  1. The tricycle situation is indeed confusing. I sometimes find myself paying PHP30 for a short trip from the church to our house. A similar special trip in Manila would cost Php12-15. In some cities, the fare is fixed. And there is no such thing as “special”.

  2. Its really a pain dealing with our local Tricycle drivers but whats worse is that we have to put up with it because we have no choice expecially at night because we have no cabs and City Hall is not doing anything about it.