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The Grieving Kris Aquino is Annoying

The fact that Kris Aquino is grieving does not make her a better person.

Fact is, she is still the husband-stealing, STD-carrying, guest-insulting, undeserving-of-her-heritage, gutless, tactless, over-all bastos, attention-grabbing fat bitch that she is.

No, I don’t want to see her on TV while she cries. I have nothing against Cory. As a matter of fact, I have a lot of respect for the late former president. But I do not need to see Kris televising her grief. God! How attention-hungry can you get? Mourn in silence and peace like the rest of your clan, Kris. Please.

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  1. As I read your piece, I felt relieved that I was not the only one who felt that way during the wake of Tita Cory…Like you, I couldn’t stand to see the face of Kris crying her eyes out, obviously allowing the cameras to always focus on her (her other siblings were rarely given close ups). What an attention seeker she is, so insecure. And now that Noynoy has announced he is running for Prez, wow imagine how we have to endure this girl’s presence (she has started blabbering again a few days ago). God help us!

  2. Yep.You are so right.

    Kris’ eulogy was self-serving and she is really milking her mother’s death for all its worth.

    Can you imagine how her already huge head would expand if Noynoy actually wins the presidency? Heaven forbid!

  3. What I fear is that Kris Aquino might be a back-seat driver in case Noynoy gets elected. I sure am glad other people are looking into this situation like I am.

  4. Sadly, some people do not realize that they ARE annoying. Perhaps they have been conditioned to be a certain way from outside influences, etc., and have also not been taught the ettiquette of thinking of others and how they would respond to their actions.