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Kris Aquino To Run For Public Office – Run For Your Lives

I saw on the news that there were speculations that the youngest daughter of the late President Cory Aquino will be running for office. Oh shit.

I certainly hope not. Here are my reasons:

1. She does not have the good moral character that a public servant should have. (then again, which Filipino politician has? but that’s another story)

2. If politicians are good for one thing, it is that they are amazing pretenders – plastic. They can act as civil and mature as possible in when needed. Kris Aquino’s innate immorality is not fitting for public office, she cannot be a diplomat. It is embarrassing if other world leaders will see what kind of leader Kris Aquino will be.

She is already an embarrassment carrying the “Aquino” name. But staying in the dirty world of show business is somehow fitting for someone like her. She does not need to go into a field where she will have more direct impact to more people’s lives.


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  1. I hate her guts. Sarap silang paguntugin ni Boy Abunda. Funeral ng ina nya, nangaagaw pa sya ng eksena, sooooo self-center brat talag yang Kris Aquino na yan.

  2. Wow kung makapanglait kayo kay Kris, akala nyo perfecto kayong mga tao. Tingnan nyo muna sarili nyo sa salamin bago kayo maglait ng iba. kris Aquino is an embarassment to the Aquino family? How do you know? Just because of her love life? Her past relationships? Is that how you measure a person’s dignity? Kayo? wala ba kayong nagawang masama? The author of this blog is an embarassment for us filipino just for simple reason that you are judging someone whom you don’t know personally. God bless you Carl.