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The Willie Revillame – Cory Issue. What is it about?

I was not able to catch when Willy requested to remove the live feeds from Cory‘s wake on Wowowee but I did his public apology last Monday on Wowowee. I thought that was it. But the issue still everywhere with even an online petition against Willy. What gives?

I just want to say for the record that I do not like Willy or Wowowee. In fact, I hate the show. I hate hearing the exact same song each and every day lip synced. I hate that the contestants have to wait to be televised on a poorly-constructed game show just to tell their loved ones that they love them.

But I thought what Willy did was right. I mean is it proper to televise a someone’s death sad death (a former president at that) while people are singing, dancing and merry-making? Then he did apologize on the Monday after. Even before Wowowee that Saturday, I had thought how would they go about singing and having fun that day with the former president dead. I thought it was right that they went either-or and not do a simulcast.

Now I am honestly lost here, what was the code of ethics violation for? What was so unethical about what happened?

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  1. Don’t you listen to the news? Hello, stop pretending like you do not understand waht’s going on you moron>>>>

  2. Thanks for judging me, asshole. No, I don’t listen to the news. If I was, the post would have been more well-informed. Don’t call me names unless your willing to leave yours.