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Kris Aquino giving relationship advice? Really?

So Kris Aquino is telling Noynoy NOT to get married. Outright. As if she is ordering him to stay single. Relationship advice? Really? *cringes face*

That was borderline funny. Relationship advice from a two-time husband stealer.

I knew she meant well. But she could have been more subtle and respectful. Noynoy is a grown-up. And if I’m not mistaken, Kris is younger right? Really, just a little respect please. This is one of the reasons I really don’t like her.

She could have said it in a more subtle way and not ordering Noynoy around in front of National TV.

I’d hate to think that a potential future president is bullied by his younger sister.

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  1. I really find her overbearing, mayabang and truly annoying. I just wish she would just stop making these comments/giving unsolicited advice. She is not helping build a better image for Noynoy, but making him look like a weakling. Just wish she would just focus on her own family instead.