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Mar Roxas backing out from the Presidential Race UPDATE2

I saw on the news today. According to his party’s rush press conference today, September 1 2009; Mar Roxas announced that he will be supporting the presidency of fellow senator Noynoy Aquino. Yes, Mar Roxas is backing out from the Presidential Race.

Senator Noynoy himself however, is not sure if he will run for presidency yet. He wants to have a retreat first before making any big decisions like he told his siblings. Also, he is waiting until after the 40th day of the death of his mother, Pres. Cory Aquino.

How I think this will play out:

Noynoy is still on the rocks whether he will seek the highest office on the land. In the event that he decides not to run for presidency, be sure that Mar will be there to resume his campaign as fast as this press con was called. If Noynoy does run, Mar will be there to support him and parade himself. He can always wait till 2016 or 2017 right?

Wow. Overwhelming support and appreciation for Mar Roxas actions. I wonder why I can’t bring myself to like him/his actions. Can it be that he just sensed that his chances are very slim since he asked Noynoy to be his running mate amidst the Cory Aquino events last August. I just don’t myself supporting Mr. Palengke turn Mr. Padyak.

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