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Please Do Not Watch Tagalog Movies

Please Do Not Watch Tagalog Movies. The post title was glaring and called for attention. it begged to be read though the post is two years old. So I did…

That is the URL of the article. I wont bother linking to it. The blog looked smart and informed enough though it was a little self-promoting. naming yourself/your blog gwapito?

I had thought that such courage would be backed by valid or relevant arguments, even not from a film critic but at least from someone who loves movies. But the article goes like this:

The title maybe a bit harsh especially if you’re part of showbusiness in Manila, or you feel insulted if you’re a frequent tagalog movie watcher.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m an avid supporter of everything positive connected to the Philippines. Things like Manny Pacquiao, sports, Philippine Football Team, close family ties. BUT Filipino / Tagalog movies? A BIG NO!

Watching a tagalog movie is a waste of money and time.

I watched Super Noypi in the first week of January out of curiousity to check if the special effects in Philippine movies have improve. What a disappointment. It was like when i was 7 years old during the 80s watching crappy tagalog movies with crappy special effects.

What the hell? Just because of the special effects?

I respect his opinion. Hell, I even agree to some point as I am not a big local movie fan. But for crissakes, if you are going to write something with such a provocative title like Please Do Not Watch Tagalog Movies, please back it up with valid and smart arguments that are not limited to special effects only. Not unless, you work on special effects. Or maybe, he is the type of guy who watches movies ONLY for special effects. We’d never know as he never expounded, he just want people to stop watching Tagalog movies because of special effects.

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