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Shisha, September 26 Rain + Flood By Ondoy And Procrastination Thoughts and Pictures

Shisha, September 26 Rain + Flood By Ondoy And Procrastination – I feel so lazy today but I feel that I have to post something. So lazy most probably because of the damn rain and flood. Its not flooding so hard where I am but pictures of the flooded Metro are are everywhere on the web. Seems people in the big city really took it hard. Ondoy– Just like Milenyo?

Now suddenly I remember Milenyo. People were talking about it and it was on the news everywhere but I didn’t feel it. I was at the office then and I had no TV where I was staying. I was sitting comfortably at the 11th floor duting the most of the heavy rains and strong winds and when its time to go home, the winds have passed.


I feel that I have to post something but I can’t really work on it. Maybe because I can’t breathe very well too. We had Shisha last night. It was good. But I kinda feel bad for not going to my previous boss’ despedida but it was also a HS friend’s birthday and it was planned way ahead. Sorry, boss.

Anyway again.

Here are a few photos of today’s heavy rains + flood accross the Metro.

Along Katipunan

A Toyota Revo’s Roof

The two phots are Plurked by Ashley Gosiengfiao

Starbucks Katipunan
Tweeted by Tricia Gosingtian

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