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Bridge Of Promise Destroyed During Typhoon Santi (Mirinae)

Batangas City – Unexpectedly, The Bridge Of Promise went down last night or early morning when typhoon Santi (Mirinae) hit Batangas City.

This was sort of a shock as the city is relatively safe from storms and disasters. We were mostly unharmed during the Ondoy and Pepeng onslaught during these last few months. This is quite a shock (well, at least for me.)

Bridge of Promise Batangas City Santi 2

This is a very important bridge for the city. It is a pathway to the Batangas City’s largest mall. Now more vehicles will have to take the Calumpang bridge going to and from SM City Batangas. That means more traffic along the Calumpang bridge area.

Bridge of Promise Batangas City Santi 2

I wonder what will be the route of the jeepneys who use to pass through here.

Darn Santi. I didn’t think it was that strong. I hope no one got hurt.

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