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My Christmas Wishlist 2009 – 8 Things I Want This Christmas

Its inevitable. Its human nature. Here is my own wishlist for the coming holiday season. Who says Christmas is just for kids? I only wish I can get at least one of them.

Some of them I already have one, but are busted and/or to old to use. How I wish i was still a kid and wait for presents to pour in. Between godchildren and significant people around me, its hard to find the time and money at acquire presents for myself. Calling Santa…

  • Really good earphones. I busted my original Apple earphones and naturally, I need replacements. The iPod Touch‘s internal speaker drains its battery like crazy. Preferably Skull Candies or Philips.
  • External HDD. Well, not really but I’d like to have one. 320 GB or 500 GB if possible.
  • More Google juice. Sounds wierd? It is. SEO people will understand what this is. But I want to have more and more and more (and more…) Google juice for SERP rank.
  • A new phone. My phone’s power switch is busted beyond personal repair. I’d hate to take it to a shop and spend money on since its not that classy phone.
  • An SLR camera. Just to experience having a professional camera. I suck at taking pictures but I love doing it.
  • A new guitar. Acoustic.
  • A new case for my iPod Touch. The old one is ripped.
  • To learn how to drive and a driver’s license. Before I knew it, I realize that I am too damn old to be not driving. I am in my mid-20’s and I still don’t drive. Damn! Its about time.

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