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My Musical Timeline 1

Music is an important part of my life. More important than most think. I love music so much that if i had the talent, I would’ve dropped out of school to be a professional musician. Seriously.

It started when I was a kid in the 90’s at the beginning of the 90’s band scene. I was exposed to music from The Teeth, Yano, Grin Department, Rivermaya and of course Ereserheads. After that, I have been hooked on listening to and looking for good music.

Early favorites were really Filipino bands like the ones mentioned above. Mostly due to my brother and cousin who enjoy the same music. I was still young and impressionable then. man, am I thankful that my sister didn’t listen to much girly music and made me listen to it.

I knew I wasn’t a normal kid back then because I think I was like nine or ten years old and I enjoyed listening to full band albums. While I enjoy the normal kid’s stuff like ice cream, toys and video games, I was also in a real high listening to Eraserheads and Francis M (+). I would listen to whole albums and not just popular songs. I even memorized the song order on the cassette tape. I could recite all the songs on Cutterpillow and Circus.

This was the start of my worship of the Eraserheads.

I was also listening to a little bit of foreign rock like Nirvana. I loved Nirvana.

I was such until I was like 12. This time more mainstream foreign pop acts are invading local airwaves. I didn’t like it. I was to accustomed to band music already. Man, am I thankful for that.

After that, during my first high school years, the local rock scene began shifting directions. Tunog Kalye was not as popular and heavier stuff were on the rise. I didn’t have taste for such back then. I moved on foreign band acts like Matchbox Twenty, Vertical Horizon and Linkin Park.

Early on during high school, I bought a Britney Spears cassette. Yes, pathetic and gay. But she was hot in her first two videos and I was entering puberty. Then I realized that she was better looked at than listened to by her third single.

But one of the bands that was really good that broke up too early was New Radicals. I don’t know what happened to them but I liked some of their songs. I really didn’t appreciate most of their work as not very much was available. They only came out with one album.

Most notable music I listen to during these days were Linkin Park, Creed, RHCP, Matchbox Twenty, Limp Bizkit, Evanessence and then some more. Too bad (for me) some of them didn’t evolve the way I wanted too. I really enjoyed their music back then. Expecially Linkin Park. The first album was superb but everything else was meh. I really loved Matchbox Twenty too, I can listen to Mad Season all day on repeat.

Only local bands that I noticed were Barbie’s Cradle, Moonstar 88 and Freestlye. I loved them all especially Barbie. She was pretty and really talented.

One more act I listened too was Eminem. He is pure talent + genius. Marshall Mathers was the sh!t. That album and Mad Season were probably my most listened to albums of high school. Oh there was Edwin McCain and Mr. Big. They were good too.

I also got my first taste of reggae and Bob Marley.


Music form Dilandau

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