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My Sickness

First entry on My Sickness.

I have an uncanny ability to alienate and chase away those closest to me.

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My Sickness 3 – Wrong Timing

Another thing I hate about myself – wrong timing. This has a lot to do with the fact that I am a sloth. But more importantly, I am a selective sloth. I can slack off in unbelievable magnitudes, but when I work, I work. What I hate is the timing of my work drive. I […]


I have been blogging about everything lately and I figured that I should blog more about myself in here. What’s a better start of a new trend than improvements? After reading a lot of blogs, I have proven that bloggers have an innate sense of bitching and ranting about everything wrong, no matter how minuscule […]

My Sickness 4 – No Focus

I have noticed this a long time ago. I just didn’t notice how bad it was. And this is even worse for someone who tries to get something done in the computer, what more with an Internet cconnection. I noticed this when I see my mom around the house. She tries to do the dishes […]