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Pinoy Big Brother Season 3 Double Up Housemates UPDATE

UPDATE: More detailed profiles here: Pinoy Big Brother Season 3 Housemates. I hope it getes updated often.

Want to meet the housemates for the latest season of Pinoy Big Brother? Its Pinoy Big Brother Season 3 – Double Up.

I found this from Mr. Macuha. So are you excited? Here is the list of housemates:

– Conservative Pharmacist ng Tondo- Carol
– Romantic Stud ng Samar – Tom
– Boy Astig ng Mindoro – Jason
– Ritchie Rich ng Cebu – Paul Jake
– Simpatikong Kusinero ng Batangas – Delio
– Sassy Vamp ng Cebu – Princess
– Struggling Mom ng Davao – Mariel
– Inday Kengkay ng Gen San – Melissa
– Young Widow ng Pampanga – Yhel
– Multilingual Hottie From Japan – Yuri

Its still a few hours and as what Lauren Dyogi said, nothing is official until the housemates themselves set foot inside the House.

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