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Quit Smoking Cold Turkey

Stop Smoking Fact: We always see several tips and advice on how to stop smoking cigarette, how to quit smoking tobacco or how to help a friend quit smoking. Or perhaps we see and hear people say help me to quit smoking. But before you learn how to help a friend stop smoking, you should learn how to successfully quit or stop smoking.

I myself was a heavy smoker back in college. I would smoke on my back and back from each class. I would chain smokes during drinking sessions. My personal record was 13 sticks in succession – my last one will light the next one. I would smoke when I can’t sleep. But I was able to quit and stop. I did not need special methods to help stop smoking, quit smoking hypnosis tape, drugs to help stop smoking or programs to help quit smoking.

Just say to yourself: my time to quit smoking is now. I’m gonna give you a few ways to help quit smoking. I was able to quit cold turkey. Yes, I stopped in one click. I just realized back then what I was doing to my body. I was smoking and drinking heavily, I was not doing any exercise and I don’t eat fruits or vegetables. I had to do something. I was 5-foot 5-inches but I weighed 95 lbs. I was terribly underweight.

When I made the choice I told myself this was not going to be quit smoking 7 days or anything like that. I have to quit now. All I needed was resolve to quit smoking. No quit smoking action plan or quit smoking ebook but I can say that I know how to quit smoking now and how to quit smoking for good.

But this method Im afraid will not work for everyone. I know only a few people can quit cold turkey and I am thankful I was able to do it. Yup, no free quit smoking hypnosis downloads, no products to help stop smoking and some people even go as far as laser therapy.

So here is my quitting smoking aid. Psych yourself up. What worked for me is I didn’t tell myself that I will not smoke again. To smokers, the thought of not getting another stick is terribly, terribly horrifying. Thats where I started, I told myself that – Hey, if I wanted to smoke again, I can. But I wont. I wont because I have decided that I will not smoke again. Its that simple. I was able to get through days, then weeks and months and eventually years. I officially stopped late 2005.

Thats how I quit smoking naturally. I didn’t use patches or anything. But I did have cravings. I experienced side affects of stopping smoking – after effects of giving up smoking. My hands were sometimes shaking and I had serious cravings at night or when I was drinking with my friends. This is what happens when you quit. But it’ll all go away soon enough. I decided to not smoke because its all for the best.

This is the most effective way – best quit smoking product if you may I can think of to stop smoking. I significantly gained the needed weight, every breath I took was lighter, my lungs felt cleaner and my breath and my hands didn’t stink anymore. Also, I saved a lot of money! Because if you calculate the amount of money you spend on smoking even if its just a few pesos per stick, it amounts to a lot in time.

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