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WTF is wrong with women?

This is getting increasingly annoying! I hate it.

So I woke up really early but hammered today. My head and my stomach were in pain. Its not that I had a lot to drink but its just one of those times when you wake up and it feels as if you haven’t slept at all and you’re still drunk.

So she came over and within 120 seconds of her stay she told me to take a bath four times. I am not deaf. Annoying much? And all she did was watch this TV show on my computer. -Not minding that she is with someone who is in pain. She then repeatedly told me to go to sleep. So I slept and she continued to watch the shows.

After a few hours of sleeping, she then told me that she is going home because I was just sleeping. WTF? You told me to sleep, so I did! Now you’re leaving!? And I am still in pain by the way.

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