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4 Ways To Effectively State Your Source

No matter how brilliant a blogger is and how good he is at creating his own powerful content, there will always be a time when he will need to use something from a different source in the Web. This is ok as long as proper Copyright rules are observed. One of these rules is stating and/or linking to your Source.

Now you may think that “As long as I link to the source, its ok right?” But its not that simple.

Anchor text – this is very important in SEO. I can still remember one of the lessons I learned from my introductory web design/HTML class in college – do not use “here” of “click here” as anchor texts. Now I know why. Too bad a lot of us are guilty of this. Also, some websites also have a Link Policy. Be mindful of them.

Put a proper anchor text to an article at all times. To build better relationship with the other blogger, use the keyword for their post if possible. Do not use malicious and / or controversial anchor text if you can’t back up your own content / claims.

Post Content – what I mean is the nature of your post. If your topic something negative/malicious/scandalous, be careful if you are going to link to ther bloggers/websites. Be sure you can back your claims up before linking to anyone else on the web. This is kinda related to the rule on top.

Gratitude – thank the source when needed. If the source was a very critical component of your own post, thank them. This creates a better relationship among bloggers too.

Source location – this is very tricky. Often we see the source linked within the post. For example, if I want to state that I love music, I can just link it right there. Plain and simple. That’s ok.

Now this is the tricky part. Most often we see the source at the bottom of the post. This is bad. I first thought about this when I saw TeamPilipinas. I got a little curious when I saw that they state their source at the top of the post. So I asked myself why? Then I remembered several articles I’ve read about ad placement – one of the best locations to put ads is after the post because readers have a “what’s next?” feeling after reading your post.

You would not want your reader to leave your page after he has read your article. If your reader is from a search engine and/or a first-time reader, not stimulated enough while reading your post and leaves after reading your post, there is little chance he’ll come back. (bounce rate increases – bad) If you’re content is really solid and/or the reader found something really inviting, even if he leaves by clicking the source at the bottom, there might be a chance he will come back, you might be able to redeem yourself. But that is if your content is that good.

But if you put your source on top, even if your reader clicks on it before reading your post, he is more likely to return to your blog to see what you have to say especially if your Title is very interesting. Moreover, the reader might be too lazy to scroll all the way up after reading your post to check out the source or he might have forgotten the source all together.

Also, depending on the nature of the post, if your content is solid enough, the reader might not feel the need to check out the original source after reading your post. Even if he does, he will more likely come back to your blog to see what more you have to offer. So, if he doesn’t scroll all the way back up to check the source, the reader will more likely check out what is placed at the bottom of your post which are – related posts (no bounce, more pageviews, more reader engagement) or an advertisement (ka-ching).

Too bad I only thought of this recently. If you check all my previous posts, all sources are placed at the bottom. =(

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