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All Saints Day

Today was tiring even if you consider that fact that I get tired easily. I am exhausted. But its all ok.

Got up at around 8 am. That is wicked early for me. But its ok since I have things planned today. Its All Saint’s Day after all.

It started as a bust. But it turned out ok. Because if things had gone another way, conversations would have gone a different way and I would have never found out a few important family facts:

  • My aunt who died three years before I was born was a midwife. I found it very ironic that she died giving birth. And moreover, my mom never realized that in my aunt’s 27 years of death.
  • My great-grandmother on my mother side is also buried on the same cemetery where my aunt and grandfather are buried – the same cemetery the family has been visiting for more than 25 years. No one ever bothered to mention it. At least, not to me.

Random: Also we came across a guy offering to re-do the tombstone letterings for a hundred bucks. Not bad considering it takes 20 – 30 minutes tops. If they get five customers, they would be earning more than an average office worker’s salary for a day. Too bad business will only boom once a year. Oh well.

This year we have relatively fewer visitors too. Every year since I can remember, we have lots of relatives over for All Saints Day. We have to cook food fit for 30 – 40 people every year. But since a few years ago, there have been a sharp decline in visitors year after year. And I think it’ll be that way. Things change.

It was also my first time at two local graveyards today. And we got lost to boot. Not too lost though. But its all good. Scored some quality time with the gf and her family. Had several long walks too. Tiring but fun. Watched a cliffhanger halloween movie too.

A lesson learned today too: bring a camera anywhere you go. You never know when a picture-picture situation will come up.

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