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The Billboard Idea

A sibling’s friend suggested a funny sort-of prank concerning the upcoming Holiday Season, the elections and our faces.

It was agood joke for a while but I am seriously considering the billboard idea. I heard banner tarps only cost like 500 bucks. I think we’ll make two and put them near the two large schools here in our area.

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Today Is Incubus Day

Like most days, today is Incubus day. Incubus is one of my favorite bands. They’re just geniuses. Every one of them. Though they have evolved from the hard rocking group they were back in the 90’s, I have no problem with their music. Just extraordinary. Watch a whole freakin concert here:

Dick Gordon And Noynoy Aquino

Photo is just like the Noy and Lapid photo. Yeah, its self-explanatory. And yes, I am voting for Gordon. I know he has his shortcomings like his temper and such but I still believe he is the best man for the job.