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Cafe World Tips And Guide

Super popular Facebook restaurant game Cafe World has captured everyone. I never played Restaurant City nor any other Social Games on Facebook except Farm Town. I promised myself that I would only play Farm Town and that’s it. But for some reason, I got hooked to Cafe World and then Roller Coaster Kingdom too.

Anyway, here are a few tips for Cafe World players from my hours of playing.

Plan your success – each dish has its own cooking time. The trick is to ensure that your counters always have food ready to serve. First, cook the 5-minute dish Bacon Cheeseburger. Then follow up with the 15-minute Super Chunky Fruit Salad. Continue cooking the Fruit Salad until you have several hundred servings to last for a while. As soon as your budget permits, cook some day-long recipes.

Free Stove – always leave one stove free just in case you run out of food on your counter. Whip out those 3-minute, 5-minute and 15-minute dishes. Chips and Guacamole is super fast.

Trapped Employees – you can trap your waiters and even the cook (yourself.) If you trapped them, you food magically gets to customer’s plates. Customer tables are also cleaned automatically. This a bug and Zynga will most likely do something about this soon enough.

Semi-refresh – if you notice that only a few people are sitting down or food is not getting served, you can try a semi-refresh. Just click on Functional, then resume.

Efficient Design – if the trapped trick is not working anymore, make sure that your cafe design is efficient and optimized. Ensure that the chairs are as near the door as possible and the counters are as near the tables. The same goes for stove to counter distance. You might need to sacrifice the elegant look of your cafe for efficiency. Its up to you to find the balance.

Bedtime Cook – before you go to sleep or a few hours you go to sleep, cook a 12-hour dish. So that when you get up, the dish will be ready.

Gifts Don’t SpoilDon’t use gift food unless you really need to. Gifts don’t spoil and you can leave them there until you really need them. This is useful in case you run out of available stoves and food.

The More The Better – like most social games on Facebook, the more neighbors you have, the better. Add as many neighbors as you can and work as often as possible on their cafe. You can work on their cafes while waiting for your own dishes to cook.

The One Answer – any bugs or glitches that might help you or annoy you can be explained in one term – beta. Remember the game is in Beta state, Zynga is still fixing the rough edges. Just relax and enjoy the game.

For any additions to this list, you may leave it in the comments. Have fun!

Be sure to subscribe for more tips! I don’t plan to stop playing anytime soon. I’ll post any tricks and tips I learn here.

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