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SEO: Like Boxing? Racing?Or Perhaps Sabong?

Man, this SEO thing is tricky and complicated. I thought it would be easy. Ok not that easy, but I didn’t think it will be this hard.

Ok, if any other newbies might read this, I did not write this to discourage you or anyone. Even if its hard, its still fun and enjoyable! Trust me.

This is just a run-down of what happened to me that past several days. I have been blogging since 2008 on my old Multiply blog and just recently transitioned to Blogspot mid this year. I just found out about making money through blogging about three months ago and I decided to give it a try. So I started reading up on SEO and blogging.

I was very eager and excited and I created several blogs on different niches hoping to monetize them all in time. Sad to say, some of them are not updated now. One was even banned by the Big G and they just lifted the ban recently (according to Webmaster Tools). But the blog is not indexed yet. Now I have to build links for it again, if I don’t feel like dumping the blog all together.

Anyway, after trying to optimize and build links on my other blogs, I was happy to see that starting a few weeks ago, I was finally getting Google traffic and Adsense clicks. I was getting $1-$4 a day from two of my similar-niche blogs. I created two blogs for the same niche as a sort of experiment back then. Traffic was increasing everyday and so were earnings.

But just this weekend, Google bombed one of them. Though one of them was performing far better than the other, I was enjoying decent traffic from the weaker one thanks to all the New Moon hype. I was expecting a little drop on the traffic as New Moon nears its show date, but I was shocked. All traffic from these blogs come from search engines. Google bombed the weaker of the two, and I was down to 4 – 9 visits a day. I hope this gets better before the week ends.

On a different note, I tried to create other blogs on a different niche. And with those, I am able to prove that you can get indexed within 24 hours. Do proper Link Building and promotion and you’re set. Though it hasn’t gotten much Google traffic yet, its starting to get traffic from Yahoo. But a vast percentage of its traffic is still from other sources. I created the blog November 18 and I already have a few clicks and a few dollars from it. By few, I mean really few. lol

One thing I am also very concerned is my CTR. Though my page views are the same with occasional spikes, my ad clicks are somewhat decreasing. Must be my ad placement. I’ll try to work on them. My CPC decreased too.

By now you might be asking where is all the comparison in my post title. Well like boxing and racing or any other competitive sport, you can come 100% prepared (as most contestants do), but still there will only be one winner. What’s worse is sometimes you can’t tell what will be your winning or losing factor until you’re struggling in the middle of the fight or even worse, when the fight is over and you can do nothing about it anymore. Like my two blogs that are very similar in many, many ways – both came in almost equally prepared and equipped but one got bombed in the SERPs and one is still enjoying improving traffic.

I think SEO is an art and not a science. There are several rules to follow but there are rarely laws to guarantee your success, especially when Google is continuously improving its search algorithms. Manny Pacquiao fight aside, Miguel Cotto is an excellent boxer. He was almost undefeated before facing Pacman. No could have predicted back then that Cotto would loose to underdog Margarito, but he did. Just like in SEO, you can do everything you need to rank high and most of the time its helpful. But still, you can never tell when Google will drop you from the SERPs or slap your PR. This doesn’t mean you don’t have to optimize and build links. Just like in boxing, you can’t expect a fighter to come in the ring without prior weeks of training.

So build your links and promote your blog religiously. If the serps doesn’t like your posts and no one is clicking on the links you left all over the internet, don’t feel too bad. Hindi naman pede laging panalo. Kahit si Pacquiao natalo din dati. No one wins everytime. Just be sure you have learned something in the process and you can apply it in the future.

To end this on a positive note, I am quite excited for my first Google check. Only a few more dollars to go and I can cash out. $$ I’m thinking I’ll use Western Union. I wonder which method is the best?

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