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Dagtang Lason – Nagmahal ako ng Bakla. WTF is happening to the world??

I found this video from Hay!Men! I actually heard a relative play this a while back, I thought it was kinda funny.I REALLY hope that those rappers are trying to be funny. But even if they are, this is still… well… kind of… really stupid. But who am I to judge? I’ll let them be. […]

Today Is 90’s Foreign Rock Day

Mainly courtesy of Live. That is the band’s name. You may know some of their songs but very few really know the band. I, myself don’t know them very well. But I really enjoy some of their songs. In the advent of Internet content and Internet searching, Live might as well be one of the […]

Eminem – The Warning (Mariah Diss) with lyrics

Oh yeah Eminem is BACK! I used to listen a lot back in HS. I loved the Marshall Mathers album. I thought it was a good album. Sure he was popular because he loved dissing celebrities. But behind this, he was also a lyrical genius and also one of the best mc’s in history.But I […]