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Today Is Video Game Music Day

Because I am also a video game fanatic. Video games feature some of the best music, though not known to most.

FFVIII has arguably one of the most romantic songs ever. Ever. Even if you didn’t play the game and get the deeper meaning of the song, you have to have a heart of stone not to be moved by the song.

Romantic as it is, its also one of the saddest songs ever.

PS – No cover of this song will ever do. Never.

Not this:

Sorry, Carmina Topacio fans.

And certainly not this:

I mean its just butchered. No justice at all. You can hear her breathing heavily on the song too. It. Just. Sucks.

I don’t hate Angela Aki. I just don’t like what was done to the song. And to think Nobuo allowed this.

Liberi Fatali is also one of my favorites:

Hell even the spaceship theme is epic:

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