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Who Would Do Such Things?

A few weeks back, I said I was retiring but today, I decided that I am coming back. And I am back.

I can’t help it. I heard something about her on TV today and I felt I needed to say something. Aside from the classic reasons, one more thing dawned upon me made me realize more that she should not be adored the way she is.

Her son. Though legally wed and living together, I do think it is unacceptable for her to have a son before a Church wedding. Yes, they are married in the eyes of men, but in the eyes of God, they are not a couple.

No, I am not an uptight jerk. On the contrary, I think its perfectly fine for a regular non-wed couple to have a child so long they realize the responsibilities and each one knows their responsibility.

But her case is unacceptable. Why? Her family is a well-known Catholic family. They are significantly related to the icons of the local Catholic Church. Nuns flock to their support whenver they are in tiems of trouble. Her family tells the media that they will consult God before making life-changing decisions that will affect their lives and the lives of the nation’s people. Prayer and closeness to God are some, if not, her mother’s strongest points in the cruel jungle that is our local political arena.

And how does she, in her own personal way, show that she is a devoted Catholic? By having a bastard son with a married man. And then dating and sleeping with another married man. And then finally having another son with someone before they get married in the eyes of God. Real classy.

I guess we all make our mistakes. But with the magnitude of hers, she must be that stupid.

And it does not stop there. Proud mom that she is, she starts cashing in on her unborn bastard son early on. (yes, I say bastard because they are not married in the eyes of God) Before poor baby boy was even born, she has signed endorsing contracts for diapers and such. That baby must be the youngest person to be employed.

And guess what her first birthday gift for the little boy is? An album featuring her and her baby. Because even though she lacks any musical inclinations or talents what so ever, she realizes that Filipinos have a natural love for music, so why not cash-in on that? And after she has sold albums with only her name, she now drags in her unknowing baby boy to the scene because she can rake in more money with a new niche audience. Now she also attracts the new/young moms category.

Who Would Do Such Things?

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