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Google Adsense Payment Through Western Union In The Philippines

Google has an amazing option of delivering you payments through Western Union. This is faster than the usual Check or Secured Check method. I was excited.

Then I learned that Western Union (like any financial establishments) needs exact payee names on their system to match the recipient’s valid ID’s. Darn. My second name is omitted on my Google Adsense account. That does not match my valid ID which has my full name.

I read up on the issue and checked Google’s Help page. I am not a happy camper right now.

I must admit part of it was my fault, I should have submitted a complete and accurate name during my Adsense sign-up. But back then, I didn’t think I would take Adsense seriously. I was just looking to transfer my old Multiply blog to a better platform. The earnings were just a plus.

Things changed and now I am about to get my first Adsense payment. I reached the $100 mark last November and I am supposed to get my first payment of $3,987 this month. Not! Haha, I wish I had that much.

What bothers me more is that there is no option to change the Payee Name in the Philippines. You can do it with one click in other countries, but not here. What they tell me to do is to close my account and open up a new one. That, I am fine with. But what do they do with the earnings I have on my old account? Google help tells me that they will send me a check if my earnings are above $10. That would be cool but what would be the name on the check? I don’t see the point of sending it to the wrong payee name. And Google has no option (that I know of) of transferring funds between Adsense accounts.

So now, I am going to do something I will call The Great Google Migration. I have been a true-blue Google blogger since May this year. I am using Blogspot as my blogging platform on all my blogs. I am planning to create a new Adsense account (and Google account) with complete and full details. The I will migrate all my blogs and Google services to that new Google Account.

I tried to contact google through [email protected] last November 27, 2009. But I have no response until now. I love Google, I really do. There are just some things that are a little difficult.

I wish I can be one of those bloggers who are all joys and smiles when they get their first Adsense payments.

Help, anyone?

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