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I Migrated. Feeling Lazy

Yes, I started my Great Google Migration today. After getting some responses from Google and thinking things through, I decided it will be best to do it now.

I started migrating my accounts/blogs/services to a new all-Google username because of my recent troubles with Payee Names.

I discovered a few things:

No dual accounts. You can’t sign-up for a new adsense account even if the Name is different. Adsense checks all info and they can tell if you have an existing account. I tried to sign-up for a new account before cancelling my old one as a fail-safe way to ensure I won’t be left without Adsense.

Fast reply. Google replies fast when you cancel your account. Just like when you email the Adsense support team for help, Google replies quickly when you reqeust for cancellation. And within an hour, you’ll notice ads disappearing from you sites/blogs. Reply is automated though, I still don’t have any human interaction (I think) regarding my other problem.

Not that simple. You have to follow the email trail when signing-up for a new account due to Payee Name issues. You can’t just cancel your account and create a new one with a clean slate. The email contains links you have to follow to open up a new account with the correct Payee Name. I’m not really sure with this since they identified that my new Google username is already associated with a failed Adsense registration attempt.

It pays to be sniper-accurate. We have to be mindful of our information. I learned it the hard way that we have to be perfectly accurate with information we manage online and offline. Especially on things dealing with money.

I have migrated my blogs and shared admin access in Google Analytics. What is left is to do is to transfer Feedburner services and Google Webmaster services.

I decided to migrate because I really want to use Western Union as my payment mode. Asking several people, I learned that it is risky using our postal service. I also can’t afford the $24 special charge delivery every time I get a check, I’m not earning that big yet.

Adsense tells me it takes 1-2 days for registration to be processed. I replaced all my ad spaces with Adbrite ads. They’re not as pretty and targeted as Adsense but its better than nothing.

My concern now is that my middle name is on my Valid ID’s but not on my Payee Name. Dear Lord I hope they our local couriers would accept that because my new Adsense payee name contains my full first name and my last name. No middle name. If this becomes a problem again, Great Migration once more.

As of now, I really am feeling too lazy to blog. No, not here, I’m not too lazy to blog here since right now I am writing a post. But I am too lazy to blog on my other mm blogs. I guess I’d wait for my Adsense registration to kick in. Then after that, I’d send away for the PIN again.

Maybe I’ll just build links for the next few days and play lots of Diablo 2 and Marvel vs Capcom 2 instead of the creating posts. Maybe not. Depends if I’ll feel like it. I think my blogs have sufficient juice until Friday. I just hope Adbrite does as well as Adsense.

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