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My Facebook Fan Page

You read that right. I do have a Facebook Fan Page. Now get to know more and interact with the super star blogger who writes this blog!

NAT! Haha, I am by no means a super star or star blogger or any kind of star at all. But I do have a Facebook Fan Page. It is just for fun though. Again, I am not a public figure who needs to have my own fan page. This blog is not influential enough for a fan page too.

It started when I saw a friend create his own fan page. I was a little surprised and confused when I saw it. It goes something like John Smith is now a fan of John Smith. Then I realized he has a fan page with only him as a member.

I had nothing else to do so I created my own. I am the only member. I thought it was buried on the feeds and no one will see it (or care) so I just left it there.

But when I checked again, I have fans. Pity fans, haha. First one is my girlfriend (I love you.) and then my sister. My gf saw the page and after a few days felt sorry and became a fan. Then my sister joined in on the fun. I think its funny.

I’ll just leave it there though. You never know, maybe someday I will be a celebrity and I will need a real Fan Page. I wish.

Be a fan, its free!!

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