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New Blog Theme?

Here is what this blog used to look like:

Carlo Dimaandal

But I changed it. With this, I am breaking one of the golden rules of blogging – stick to one theme. Its not even five months since I last changed my blog theme. Oh well. You see, sticking to one theme creates a powerful brand image for your blog. Its like your company logo. And we all know companies seldom change their logo – if they even change their logo at all.

I originally wanted to change the theme of one of my other blogs because its CTR tanked. I mean it literally just crash landed. But my visitor demographics didn’t change. So Im thinking it must really be theme. Or perhaps just seasonal. This is my first Holiday Season as a blogger so I don’t know if its seasonal.

While browsing, I found this theme. It was ok, but I had to tweak a few things like removing un-needed links here and there. While tweaking, I messed up. The data:post.body code is coupled with unfamiliar conditional xhtml codes on this theme for a Read More function. You can tell this theme was made prior to Blogspot adding the Read More feature. Now this blog has no previews at all! Looks 50/50 to me – half decent/half I-will-change-it-again-in-a-few-days.. I like the three columns and the new ad placements and the fact that the first column disappears when a post is opened. But I hate the fact that I have no previews!

I also removed my header since it doesn’t quite fit. The total width of this theme is 1000px. I might just make a new header in the following days.

Carlo Dimaandal
This is the new Carl-Alt-Delete

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