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Thanks, Twitter Traffic!

Ok, now here is some proof of how powerful Twitter is.

A while back I wrote Twitter – Another Search Engine To Optimize For. To further test the concepts I wrote there, I waited for another big event. And UFC 107 seemed to be the perfect test after the Pacquiao vs Cotto fight.

I just did what I had written on my other post.

And my traffic can more than confirm my other post. Yay!

This is from my Sports blog:

Thanks, Twitter!

You have to forgive the traffic from the previous days. This is a relatively new (and a little bit ignored, lol) blog. But this is another good thing about Twitter, no need to wait for your blog to get indexed. Everything is real-time.

Try it for yourself and tell me if it works for you too!

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  1. Hehe If I can do it, you can do it. Try it on the next big event. There will be WEC and TNA events this coming Sunday and Monday on Philippine time.

    Katatapos nga lang ng WWE TLC e. Pero di na ko naka-tweet, hehehe puyat.

    Thanks for including me in your blog roll. My name is on there. =)