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Today Is Anime Music Day – Bleach

Anime music is one of my favorite types of music. Probably because the meaning and feeling of the songs are well conveyed in the stories. But more than that, anime songs are just. plain. kick ass.

Many of my favorite animes have amazing soundtracks. (Except for Nartuo. For an anime I love so much, Naruto only has like two songs I like.)I like maybe around five songs in every anime I watch – most of them opening and ending themes. Most notable for me are openings and endings from the animes Gundam W (only W, not all the other ones) Rourouni Kenshin and You’re Under Arrest.

But nothing, I mean no anime compares to Bleach to date. The series has the most kick ass songs – in quantity and quality. Number One and Treachery are my favorites. Just listen.

Listen ” Number one bleach”

Kudos to whoever does the music work for Bleach. Two thumbs up. Excellent anime, excellent music.

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  1. I think the only song I like from Naruto is the first opening song from Shippuden. The one that goes

    Everybody stand up…

    Just cause I was really excited to see the crappy fillers end.