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Visayan Lyrics Are Awesome

It started with my college room mate translating popular songs to his native dialect. He was from Zamboanga. Such a funny guy he is, we were all laughs as he sang Cool Off by Session Road.

Though I did not understand most of what he was singing, I knew the song enough for me to appreciate it. I must admit I do not know if its exactly Visaya too. But it was so captivating. After the short laughs, I was genuinely interested in the dialect but neither he nor I had time for me to learn. Nor do I have the patience in me. I’m stupid, a slow learner and impatient. (I might just be the worst person in the world)

Little did I know my interest would be waken again. And in the unexpected form of Gloc 9 and Gab Alipe. I have always known that Gab is a very talented musician from Cebu. I applaud him for doing this. Not that I am surprised.

The version itself is very good but I am not a very big fan of covers so I quickly checked the original version. And as I expect, I found it a lot better.

Its actually playing on repeat for the last hour or so now and I it’ll be my music till I sleep.

Maybe its because the song is in words that I don’t understand. Because I also enjoy a lot of Japanese music due to video games and anime. I also enjoy listening to Astrud Gilberto and Sergio Mendes. But then again I don’t find myself liking every song I don’t understand.

I may never understand the words in full but that doesn’t stop me from fully appreciating the music.

duul mga kaigsuunan nugpaminaw kamo
duna koy dala nga mga balita gikan sa banwa ko
gusto nga i pahibalo ang mga istorya nga nagagahitabu sa banwagisa na to

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