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Why Covering Songs Is Bad Part 1

It is an inevitable part of the music industry. It has been around probably before you were even born. I guess it shows that people can’t have too much of a good thing. Or can they?

I am not a very big fan of covers. Very seldom does a cover do justice to an original for me. Though there are a few, a chosen few that do justice or are even better than the original.

But one reason I don’t have much liking for covers is because of what they are doing to the music scene and musicians. Artist‘s careers are launched because of their ability to cover songs? That is just about the saddest thing. I’m sure these musicians won’t be given contracts if they can’t play and compose. Why the hell are almost all of their singles covers? Covering songs is an art in itself but it depends on how often you do it and why you do it.

I mean, which big name – local or international – has released a cover or two as major singles? When I say big, I mean big. Not Paramore big, but Metallica big. Get it? Borrowing tunes yes, but covering? Can’t think of anyone.

This may be the closest thing – Incubus does a lot of Police covers on their shows and guestings. It goes to show that they (Incubus) love the band’s (Police) music. And they do more than make the original song makers proud.

Sometimes its about relevance and significance. Thats cool as long as justice is done. And diversity is observed.

See, adding you own flavor is also a must. Every other good instrument player or vocalist can sing and play a song. How do you set yourself apart? It also tells you if you’re doing the right thing. It shows if your style will do justice to the original.

Sadly, this cover trend is widely rampant in our local music industry. This is the reason I don’t like the kinds of Christian Bautista, Eric Santos and Mark Bautista. Its no doubt they can sing and they’re good at it. But having more than half of you released singles covers? There are a lot of good singers out there who can cover songs just as well if not better. I’d hate to think the famous ones are up there because they were just at the right place at the right time.

No respect for own’s musical identity much? I’m hot, I’m in, I’d pump out singles and albums.

Moreover, almost every other solo act I see plugging his or her album goes something like – “There are 12 tracks including two originals…” So more than half the time they’re not singing their own songs?

Can you honestly say you’d prefer the former to the latter? And don’t tell me Christian Bautista loved Breathe so much that he covered one of their songs. Or maybe he really loved the song itself. I’d give him the benefit of the doubt. But still, horrible cover.

Perhaps its the type of music but then again, I do respect other singers in the genre who do their own songs. If I may put it, the previous generations’ counterparts were Ogie Alcasid, Ariel Rivera, Janno Gibbs and so on. They may be cheesy as hell but at least they made their own music. Quick, name at least two of Mark Bautista’s last big original songs! Hard? Thought so.

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