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Maximize Facebook Fan Pages In A Whole New Way

I have discussed a way to maximzie Twitter. Now here is way to maximize Facebook!

Fan pages and Groups are getting more and more popular in the local Facebook scene – particularly the non-sensical but extremely humorous type. And I’m not surprised. They are a lot of fun. (no pun intended)

Creating a Facebook Fan Page for your blog can help your blog gain more traffic and popularity. With a Facebook Fan Page, you can post your links to your new posts as soon as you publish them. Facebook users can see them immediately. Even better, when a reader becomes a fan of your page, that reader’s friends will see the activity on their own Facebook feeds. This creates more exposure for your blog. You can reach out to non-blog readers.

Though Facebook users are trigger-happy when joining Fan Pages and Groups, it can be hard to get them to join a Fan Page or group for your blog. They should see something interesting and something really good on your blog before they click on the Become a Fan on Facebook widget on your blog’s sidebar.

It is a good thing that Facebook users are currently going gaga over Fan Pages for normal day-to-day expressions and situations. I have loved these groups for a few months now. I read about them all the time on Lamebook and I have joined a few of them too. Its good to see that there are a lot of local wacky Pages now too. Popular Facebook parody Facebuko noticed this too:

Tulog muna ‘ko, para mamaya magrereview na (pero hindi na nagising),
Why is Monday so far away from Friday, and Friday so bloody close to Monday,
Deleting everything you’ve typed cause you saw the other person was typing,
I love when friends make mura when they see each other like HOY P****GINA!,
ang tunay na MATALINO hindi nagrereview, STOCK KNOWLEDGE LANG,
I Automatically Start Panicing When I Cant Feel My Phone In My Pocket.
and sige MANNY VILLAR ikaw na ang MAHIRAP…

This pages/groups are a new addition to “viral content.” International pages have hundreds of thousands even millions of members. And it can be as trivial and simplistic like “Become A Fan” and “Sleeping.” I created one last Thursday and now it has 11k members and quickly counting. And this is just a local Filipino expression/matter. I created another one a few minutes ago and used my popular Fan page to promote it and it got around 20 members merely minutes after I posted the link.

So what exactly do you do to harness this resource?

Step 1. Try to think of a normal day-to-day expression thats very popular. Then search for it on Facebook. If there is no Fan Page for it yet, you’re in luck. Just create a page and the first hard part is done. If there is already another Fan page for it, then consider thinking of another subject. If you can, choose a subject related to your blog niche.

Step 2. Once you have a the Fan Page, promote it. Invite your most popular friends to join in. You don’t have to tell them its for your blog. Just invite them. Choose your most active Facebook friends – those with the most friends, who always post things and are just basically always online on FB.

Promotion tip: A not-so-ethical but effective way to promote your Page is by tagging celebrities in a picture you uploaded on the Fan Page. Some celebrities accept their strangers on their personal FB accounts like Cooky Chua, Alodia Gosiengfiao, Carmina Topacio, Reg Rubio, Pepe Smith, Kat Agarrado, Francis Brew and much more.

Step 3. Pray. And hope that your fan page catches on. If it does you can see members growing by the hundred every few hours. Try to pump fan interaction too, by posting a few links, pictures or even a few quotes on you Fan page. Interact with your fans.

When you have a huge number of users, you can now use this to promote your blog. You can introduce yourself as the creator and post a link to your blog on the sidebar of the fan page or you can post links to your blog posts.


Do Not Spam – do not spam your Fan wall with links to your post. You will turn your readers off and they might leave the Fan Page as quickly as they joined in. Keep it balanced and interesting.

Be real – I suggest you use funny, normal, everyday expressions like the ones above. Do not create fake Fan pages of celebrities hoping it will catch on quickly. The fan page might get reported to FB and get closed down. At the end of the day, the Fan Page is also a Fun Page, the bottomline is still having a few laughs now and then.

PS: I have a personal FB Fan Page. lol

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