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My Inaanak List

Just making a list so that I don’t forget or leave anyone out.

Ok here we go.

First the Christening godchildren:

  • Elisha Rayah Camo – sister’s kid
  • Julian Pablo Dimaandal – brother’s kid
  • Jared Ezekiel Tolentino – cousin’s kid (Kuya Aries)
  • Carl DM Banaag – ex-gf’s nephew
  • Lucas Kiel Morales – Bombits / Shalu’s kid
  • KL – cousin’s kid (Ate Teresa)
  • Popo – Duan’s kid
  • Caiehly – Connie’s kid
  • Dea – Bok’s kid
  • Jane – cousin’s kid (Kuya Howard)
  • Xiann Denice – Kristian’s kid
  • Glen’s Kid
  • James’s Kid

Joshua Gomez

For the sake of my deteriorating memory. I should probably include their birthdays too. Will update this list when I get the dates.

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