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My Twitter Fail

I have been raving about how effective Twitter is in getting some immediate traffic from special events. Look:

twitter traffic

Just recently,UFC 108 was held. (Conratulations to Munoz for winning! He’s Filipino) So as usual, I did my Twitter thing and expected some hits on my sports blog. But I was surprised and confused a few matches into the PPV event.

I was not getting any hits on my blog! Not one! It would have been ok if only one indicator was saying this. But all analytics from different sources were indicating the same thing. It was supposed to be real-time based on the last two events I worked on – Pacquiao-Cotto and UFC 107. But Feedjit, StatCounter and were all saying the same thing – I was not getting any hits.

So I figured something is wrong (duh!) I stopped tweeting and stopped watching the event all-together. I didn’t have the drive to tweet anymore or troubleshoot. I just played Plants Vs Zombies. (I know, I’m a late bloomer)

Then later last night, I checked again. I was more shocked to see that everything has updated. All analytics show I was getting traffic. If I had continued to tweet, I would have gotten around 1.5k hits again from Twitter. Darn.

Lesson: Sometimes its not real-time. Just continue tweeting!

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