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Superb Incubus Cover – Pardon Me

Incubus is one of my favorite bands. I love their music. For me, they are already up there with the greats like U2 and Metallica. Just superb.

And for that same reason, I find it really hard to like Incubus covers. I don’t really like it when musicians cover songs. Well, not all of them. But it ticks me off you find your favorite song/band butchered in a new cover.

There are only a few Incubus cover artists I like in YouTube. Most of them I can’t really blame though, because they are just fans expressing their love for the music. That’s all good. But when it comes down to it, very few can do justice to the band and the music. This is becuase Incubus songs are very hard to cover – at least for regular, non-professional musicians. Rarely will you see a person covering an Incubus song playing and singing at the same time. So if you see an Incubus cover where a person is singing and playing at the same time, you know he’s got to be something. Of all the time that I have browsed YouTube for Incubus music, I have only found one: Bchew He can sing and play at the same time.

That was until today when I saw another one. He is very good too. But in all fairness, he is a professional musician. But still, I say good job.

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