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Got My First Google Money And More Google News

Yay! I feel I won the lottery or something. But the difference is I worked hard for this. I read up, reaserched, blogged and now I have it. After having some problems with Google and closing and re-opening my Adsense account, this is like a breath of fresh air for me. But – it was sent using the wrong Payee Name. I really hope I can encash this. But I’ll worry about that later.

My first check isnt that much. Just a little above $100. I think I was smart-priced last December. My CPC tanked. Anyway. I’d like to thank those people and blogs that really helped me. I have read tons of resources (between long hours of Facebook-ing and YouTube-ing XD). And most of them have a solid knowledge base like John Chow and but what I really treasure are the inspirational ones. Those who blog with a personal touch. Like and Aside from giving solid technical info, they have other very entertaining posts and a fun-to-read writing style. There is also But I think the teenager is out of my league. His writing is for big-time bloggers and companies. But his blog is very informative nonetheless. There is also I love their SEO eBook. Also, viewing Jehzlau’s gallery was very inspiring too. I wish I can buy those stuff through blogging too.

But I think the blogger who really influenced me and really got me into this blogging for money thing is Yes, the teen age girl who makes a lot of money online. Why? Well, to be fair, Jehz and Marhgil had solid computer backgrounds. At some point while I was reading their posts, I figured that aside from blogging/seo knowledge, they also have a strong tech background that helps a them a lot. But here is Karen Dayle, in the mids of her teen years. While some might think she is too busy crushing on the Jonas Brothers (or who ever is famous these days), she is also busy earning in a ton of money from G. This got me thinking – hell if a teenage girl can do it, I can too. I seriously doubt she is more tech, computer or internet-savvy person than I am but she is a way better blogger than me. I mean, I have nothing against her or the fact that she is a teenage girl but you dont see girl teen-age probloggers too often. Thats awesome. And ironically enough, I won one of her contests too.

Among my new idols are and Their blogs and blogging habits are really to be admired. They can cough up several posts a day. And most of them ranking in the serps within hours if not minutes. Share secrets naman jan =)’s feedjit also shows a new visitor every few seconds.

Back to me – I got my new PIN (came with my check) today so my Adsense account is not locked anymore.

These are my earnings until end of November. I still have around 50$ from Dec 1 – Dec 15. That will be my Final Check from my previous account.

I didn’t make the threshold this month. But I’m pretty sure I’ll make it next month. Wish me luck. Thanks to all those bloggers mentioned above again. And thanks to Big G.

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  2. Very sophisticated kasi ang tracking ng Google ng invalid clicks. Nata-track talaga nila ang mga invalid clicks. May StatCounter ka ba? Makaktulong yun para ma-track mo clicks sa site mo. Request ka ng re-activation sa Google tapos explain mo traffic sources mo baka i-reconsider nila.