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Nick Pitera

I saw this first on G-spot. I love that blog. Though it doesn’t have the most wholesome content and tone, it never fails to post all sorts of awesome.

They recently posted a video of Nick Pitera. I didn’t know what to expect on the blog since the title wasn’t very descriptive. I checked the YouTube video and I was astounded by what I saw.

The man has wicked range. There are times that if you close your eyes, you can’t tell that its just one guy singing.

He naturally got a lot of gay and fag comments on his YouTube videos. I can understand that, this being the Internets and all. If I didn’t love music so much, I’d probably post a similar comment. Im bad like that.

But I think that he just loves doing this and he loves music too. And he is probably making some money from this too. So I say kudos to him.

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