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Picture Picture! – Every Filipino Is A Ninja

My birthday is coming up. In less than a week I’ll be another year older. To celebrate, my friends and I had a get-together for a night of good food, good music, good booze and of course good old piture-taking.

Then I realized that Filipinos are more physically agile and quick as a race than anyone might think. Given the right motivation, we can rush from point A to point B in blinding speeds – almost like teleportation. There are however simple chants, actions and tools to be used to achieve this marvelous feat.

Worry not though, it is very simple to do. All one needs is a camera of any sort and a good, clear, loud voice. Just hold your camera up, and shout: Picture, Picture! Any and all activities that your companions are engaged to will be dropped immediately.

-Videoke singing will be stopped for a pose. If the subject is skillful enough, he can multi-task and sing his version of Gold while striking a pose.

-Any food comsumption will stop. Even if the spoon/fork is only mere centimeters away from one’s lips, he will stop the action or take the bite quickly to get into the shot.

-Even if we are regarded as one of the most early text-savvy people, Filipinos can stop reading or replying to a text when a picture is to be taken. The text can wait, I must be in this picture!!!

Picture Picture! - Every Filipino Is A Ninja

This is an actual shot I swear. I did not tell them to pose for me.

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