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Today Is Sentai Music

When you are passionate about certain things in life, you can’t help but combine them.

I love weekend TV programming back in the early 90’s. We had clasics like Bioman, Maskman, Shaider (boo GMA for doing Zaido, its a disgrace to sir Alexis) and more. Thanks to YouTube, people my age can recall and re-live this timeless classics anytime we want.

As a proof of how big Shaider was, not only the opening and ending themes were big but the Shigi shigi song as well. And admit it, you died a little inside when Yellow Four died in Bioman too.

Though they I prefer undubbed versions more often, I can’t help but admire the work done on the Tagalized opening and ending themes too.

For me, the grand daddy of them all:

Even current pop music doesn’t fail to remember the Sentai’s

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