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Cory Aquino Dead – August 1, 2009

The former president died this morning at 3:18 am. While it is no secret that I do not like Kris, I have a lot of respect for Cory. She was the president when came into consciousness, she was the first president that I knew. Though I have no special fondness of her, I am kind […]

More sTicKy CaPs Annoyance

Maybe for a very, very brief moment in time, sticky caps were cool. You know, those few days or weeks when they were new and seemed refreshing. Hell, I even did it in high school once or twice. But that was almost ten years ago! What drives people to do this? Isn’t it established yet […]

It’s Never Too Late To Get Into New Stuff

I thought I was set on my musical taste. I already have a variety of interests in music. I listen to most everything except overly pop and electronic music. Or so I thought. No, I still don’t listen to overly pop music. But I’m getting into more electronic music. Ok not really electronic music but […]

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