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Hey Blogger, I want my comments back!

I just recently moved to this free .com domain and I can’t be more thrilled about it. Though I don’t blog here that much, lol.

But it seems that I made my move on a pretty bad time. First, I was shocked when my PR Alexa rank went terriibly down. But there is really nothing I can do about that.

Then there’s the thing about my blog comments. When I made the move, there were comment issues with Blogger. All my post comments are gone! I thought it was just because I recently made a move to a new domain in which case it will take hours before the comments are retrieved. But it has been weeks now so I’m pretty sure I’m affected by this know issue.

Some users are experiencing comment count discrepancies on their blog, specifically for older comments during the December-January timeframe. We have isolated the underlying problem though, and are working to release a fix shortly.

Also, if you have recently switched hosting from BlogSpot to a custom domain, it may take up to a few hours before the counts are synced completely (and this is expected).

Why is this such a HUGE problem for me? Because I don’t get comments very often. And that is because this blog has very few readers. That is why I value comments very much!

On top of that, a friend told me she can’t leave comments here.

I am really an all-Google guy. I use Google for search, email, rss reader, blogging, analytics, feed management and pretty much everything! So this speaks of how much I love Blogger as a blogging platform even though WordPress is the undeniable king of blogging platforms. Thats why this really ticks me off!

Ang labo mo!

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